” The fine art of Cigar making has been the Bello cigar family’s way of life for over 100 years.”
” The Bello family always had a tradition of cultivating their land. “
” In 1994 Bello family opened their factory in Little Havana, Miami and began manufacturing Havana Sunrise, one of the most prominent cigar brands of the 90’s Cigar Boom. “


Robusto 50X5 Havana 2000 Wholesale Bundle


Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in





Havana 2000

Bundles: All bundles are sold at whole sale price. They are “naked bundles” meaning they don’t come with rings, box, or foil protector. All bundles bring 25 cigars inside and cigars will be wrapped in a cellophane package.
Havana 2000: Medium bodied cigar with a robust yet balanced flavor. Easy on the palate with no bitter aftertaste.

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