” The fine art of Cigar making has been the Bello cigar family’s way of life for over 100 years.”
” The Bello family always had a tradition of cultivating their land. “
” In 1994 Bello family opened their factory in Little Havana, Miami and began manufacturing Havana Sunrise, one of the most prominent cigar brands of the 90’s Cigar Boom. “

Bon Bon Limited Edition



“Special cigar for special occasion.”

Extravagant yet elegant, Bon Bon Limited Edition is a luxurious treat handmade entirely by Cuban master rollers in Little Havana, Miami.

The production of cigars is limited to only a 1000 boxes of each blend per year which are then aged for a minimum of 3 years before they are released.

Production: Little Havana, Miami, USA

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